Help the kids from Union Victoria finish school

The Union Victoria community is made up of a group of Maya Ixil people, who during the Guatemalan civil war, were forcibly moved from their native land of Quiche, more than 300km away. This change made the barriers in education greater as the language in the community where they have now settled is different and the community has little access to opportunities to generate income. The only school in the Union Victoria community is a primary school. Older children must go to the next town, 10 km (6 miles) away. There are no public buses, so children must walk or find other transportation. Despite these challenges, the women of Union Victoria who work together with Wakami have decided to change this reality. They will tell you that their most important goal is the education of their children. Will you help them achieve this goal? In this community there are 4 girls and 4 boys who need school scholarships.

The Wakami Foundation serves to support the women, children and families of our Wakami Communities. These communities are led by women who struggle against a lack of resources, a lack of opportunities and often against community prejudices against women working and owning a business.  The one thing that matters most to our Wakami women is the education of their children.  By supporting their education, you are played a critical role in improving the lives of their families and communities

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